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Who wants the King, Igwe Ogbu of Nara Unateze dead? His siblings, younger sister, Princess Ada Ogbu after his life.

Who wants the King, Igwe Ogbu of Nara Unateze dead? His siblings, younger sister, Princess Ada Ogbu after his life.

Abuja, Nigeria – His Royal Majesty Igwe Nathan Ogbu (Odenigbo I of Nara) of blessed memory, was a king of the hill and a king of the castle, widely respected as the custodian of both religion and culture of Nara Unateze in Nkanu East Local Government of Enugu State (Southeast – Nigeria).

The king’s court is as large as the city of Haarlem, divided into many magnificent palaces, houses and rooms of the courtiers and galleries.Unfortunately, the known peaceful signature palace of the ones Great King is besieged with lingering crisis which has fueled rising tensions in Enugu State with potentials of escalating uncontrollably if mediation is not made quickly.HRH Igwe Ifeanyi Ogbu, the eldest son of the late king is currently seated on his father’s throne as Eze Odenigbo ll of Nara Unateze but his younger sister, Princess Ada Ogbu, in apparent connivance with perceived enemies of the palace, allegedly want the throne, the palace- her brother deposed of the kingship!The Princess, report said, has gone ahead to ascribe unto herself as High Princess, a title unknown to Nkanu tradition.Igwe Ifeanyi Ogbu, a wise king, love by the populace, but his subjects, certainly, are unhappy with the unhealthy development.Yesterday, the monarch raised the alarm that some of his subjects in connivance with his siblings wanted him dead.Speaking at a press conference in Enugu, the King alleged that some of his siblings led by his younger sister Princess Ada Ogbu-Aguocha, the Senatorial Candidate of the APC in Enugu East, were plotting to kill him.According to him, “my life is in great danger and I’m most worried and shocked for my siblings’ (particularly Princess Adaku Aguocha) vindictive and malicious extent/length in their daunting and resentful mission to malign/vilify my personality and bring me into disrepute for no just cause and injudicious.He alleged that his traducers had threatened his life several times without success, hence, their resort to calumny, to tarnish his ‘hard-earned reputation.He recalled that few weeks ago, his attention was drawn to a social media “CRITICS NEWS” with title “Stay away from the zoo security men – Traditional Ruler in Enugu warn unknown gunmen for the last time”.The account making the announcement (since deleted) was run by a notorious social media hoaxer who wasn’t even all that subtle about the account being fake; in fact, it was not even the first time he has faked stories but if scratched the surface, they have no credence than lies and fake news!The King said: “I suspect my sibling and I believe they have succeeded in using this false information to dastardly incite and instigate the IPOB members/Public/unknown gun men against me. This raises dangerous life threatening signals against my safety. I am totally horrified, traumatized and scared for my life as I wonder how unwise, absurd and unthinking my siblings suddenly became vengefully and by all means at the expense of my life and peace.”Similarly, based on a number of misconceived contentions and lies, they attenped to arrest me and several other persons in my community. They have written letters fabricated with falsehood to Enugu State Governor and Ndi Igwe Enugu State. Interestingly Ndi Igwe Nkanu East carried out thorough investigation and had since presented their report which vindicated me of all their falsehood.”The monarch appealed to well meaning Ndi Enugu saying, “Ndi Enugu should beaware of this escalating situation, which is a complete threat to my life and peace.”Please note, if anything happens to me, my siblings, particularly, Princess Adaku Aguocha should be held responsible,” the soft-spoken King concluded.However, the community has been gripped by unrest following persistence alleged attempt by the Princess to take over the palace.Some of the villagers corroborated the alleged plot to depose their monarch,They alleged grand conspiracy by the king’s siblings with some “disgruntled element” in the community to dethrone traditional ruler over a protracted and continual loggerheads between the king and the Princess, infuriated by factotums laced with sinister motives.The latest development is the climax of the combative relationship between the King and the Princess.Could it be that Ada Ogbu is now the royalty version of chaotic evil whose actions steal away the happiness and progress of Nara Unateze community?Is Princess Ogbu staging palace coup against her own brother?Is the “hostile” Princess gleefully plotting the exit of her brother as King and from the surface of the earth?These and many more questions yearn for answersAll efforts to reach Princess Ogbu to react to the several allegation proved abortive as she was not picking her calls.Further investigation revealed that the due have already drawn legal battle in the law court with deaming petitions and counter-petitions filed in the corridors of power and high places of authorities

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