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Why Do You Think Some Nigerians Don’t Want Burna Boy To Win The Grammy?

Nobody hates Burna Boy – his pride is the reason why many Nigerians don’t want him to win the Grammy.

 What could be the reason why Nigerians don’t want Burna Boy to win the Grammy Award.

I don’t think many people will be against Wizkid or Davido winning the Grammy as much as the number of people who doesn’t want Burna Boy to win it but interestingly, he won it eventually.

Burna Boy Hasn’t Misbehave Much As Expected

…Who else noticed Burna Boy hasn’t misbehave much or boast too much after winning the Grammy Award?

Yes, he has been saying some stuff people perceive to be pride but it’s alllowed. The original Burna Boy will all know would have started ranting and boasting up and down the internet but it seems he’s a bit calm – thanks to his team.

I strongly believe his team must have put him under some very serious agreement that’s holding him down from doing his sh!t Normal level, Burna Boy would have been screaming on top of his voice for winning the Grammy.

Many People Secretly Rejoiced He Lost At Previous Grammy

Yes, people acted as if they supported him the first time he was nominated but I can tell you for free that the people who wants him to win is just 2% compared to the 98% of those who does not want him to win.

Not because they don’t wish him well but they know the damages he would cause assuming things went the way he wanted it now.

Burna Boy Will Still Try To Rubbish Wizkid’s Grammy

I have been following Burna Boy all my life and I have a strong belief that Burna Boy will still attack Wizkid saying his Grammy is not as huge and respectful as his.. Let’s bet.

Congratulations to him for winning at last – he’s a born fighter ?

Now, over to you ?

Why Do You Think Some Nigerians Don’t Want Burna Boy To Win The Grammy?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.

Drop your comments

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