VON Management Boss, Mista Awesome resolves disputes with the Imo born sensational trapper, YSL Mugga. This is said to have happened after Mista Awesome made a post on Facebook few months ago which brought a clash between him and YSL Mugga. It can also be confirmed that both parties has not been supporting each other since then.


Recently, according to Mista Awesome, he said that they have resolved the issue and now friends again.

He further added:

“We need to bring heads together for the growth of entertainment in the state and country at large”.

He also said that both of them have agreed to work with each other as this year will be a better year for them.

Mista Awesome is the CEO and Manager of VON Management which includes artistes like Sipo, Fozter, Goldea, Konnaboy, Kranki, Franki. We believe that both of them resolving their disputes will make a positive impact in the industry as everyone needs each other to grow.