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Moment with Gabriel present Marriage


I don’t know the kind of man am living with.
? We don’t talk,
? He’s always working,
? He never touches me.

Listen ?
Love is compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding.

Love is the ability to look beyond one’s flaws and see within their soul.

In love we ask why? Not how? We ask one’s intention and not one’s action.

Love is given, love is hope, love never gets tired, it never quits. Love is brave.

“What do you understand by the word marriage”

It is amazing that most people can’t give answers to this.

Marriage isn’t always 100 percent rosy.

You have to make compromise sometimes.

“Ego and pride”
These are the things a man falls back to when he doesn’t know what to do.

Women insecurity can drive a man crazy.

“Most people see marriage as a tittle ”
Rather than the union we establish for companionship.

Most of the times we don’t understand our partner Silence, attitude, change character etc but we don’t ask questions, we assume they are cheating on us without even knowing.

Most of the time people go into marriage out of force. That makes them not to be happy in their new home living an insecurity life, I don’t care attitude etc.

If something is not working out, is either you walk away or you try to fix it. When you are trying to fix it, you need to share and equal blame and you and your responsibility.

“Their is nothing that justifies a man who hit a woman” and “Their is nothing that justifies a woman who turns a man off with her nagging”.

“You need to play your role in a relationship” if you expect the other person to play their role.

Note: the first two and three years of a marriage is very important in those two years, you build ideologies, you build perceptions about one another.

Don’t blame your partner for everything, it makes him/her feel they are not responsible or good enough for you.

“Marriage is a connection for two people, who want to be together, not people who have to be together.

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