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I Used To Like This Girl Those Days. Called Her And A Guy Was Moaning At The Background

I used to like this girl those days.

She is sincere to a level though. I won’t say she is disciplined enough, but I could say she was nice, homely and beautiful.

I was even later interested in marrying her.

One day, I called her line and as we were speaking, I heard a guy moaning at the background.

The moaning was serious. This story is not a lie. I don’t know what the guy was doing, but it was like he was really fornicating her.

Maybe he was trying to make me look stupid in the name of “I dey sleep with her and she they on phone”.

Good news, the girl is married today, and I think to a calm guy.

I liked her and if I see her today, I could still jubilate.

Another one goes to a Bible-believing church, though she is not a serious Christian.

I called her one day, and I heard like a bed shaking, you know how bed with spring make noise.

The shaking was continuous, and I asked her if she was doing it.

She couldn’t reply. Later I had a guy speaking in the background.

Sometimes when we call our friends of the opposite sex or the ones we love, they may be Stark naked somewhere else having sex while listening to you.  Na so e be .. This life no balance…

Anyway, we have good guys and good girls that are awesome for marriage. We have non-virgins who have a wonderful soul, and virgins who are good too.

My brother was lucky, he married his wife a virgin……

Whether virgin or not, a good one is to be respected and valued.

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