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7 Nigerian Male Celebrities Who Dated And Married Older Women

Age is but a number. And there’s nothing wrong dating or marrying a older woman.

We all like what we like and what every individual person likes is different from what the next person likes. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting things about human beings.

I have a friend who almost exclusively dates older women and while I personally don’t have a preference towards older women, it’s interesting to know that not only my friend but thousands if not millions of other men out there have such a huge preference for older women.

Today, I’ll be counting down 7 Nigerian Male Celebrities Who Dated And Married Older Women. Are you ready to see who they are? Then let’s go!

1. Darey Art Alade

Darey Art Alade and his wife Deola Ayeni have been happily married for over 10 years and are blessed with kids. What many people don’t know though is that Darey’s wife Deola is actually EIGHT years older than the singer.

The singer though when asked about it during an interview said that he is very happy with the age difference and is perfectly happy with his marriage to his wife.

2. Praise Nelson

Big Brother Naija contestant Praise Nelson famously made headlines when news broke that his wife is significantly older than he is. On the show, fellow housemate Brighto alleged that Praise’s wife was 60 years old however after leaving the house, Praise, the 28 year old housemate revealed that his wife is not 60 years but 42. There is FOURTEEN year difference between the couple.

He says that the two are perfectly happy together.

3. Joseph Ameh

Nigerian drummer Joseph Ameh tied the knots with popular Nigerian dancer Kaffy in 2012 and their union has been blessed with kids. What many don’t know though is that Kaffy is actually 8 years older than Joseph.

This has of course not hindered their marriage or affected them and the two are still waxing strong together.

4. Soul E

Nigerian singer Soul E popularly referred to as Soul E Baba was once upon a time married to his ex-wife Queen Ure who happened to be ELEVEN years older than Soul E was. When asked about the age gap, they both said that “love conquers all” and that the age was not a problem.

5. Trigga Kess

Trigga Kess known to some as Lord Trigg is an upcoming Nigerian singer who is also very famous for dating Nigerian businesswoman Toyin Lawani. When they started dating, Lord Trigg was 22 years old while Toyin Lawani was 32 years old. There is a TEN year difference between them. When asked about it, the two said they didn’t mind because they were both crazy about each other.

6. Silver Ojieson

Nigerian actor and teacher Silver Ojieson famously married Nollywood actress Ann Njemanze after her divorce from Segun Arinze. In a later interview, Ann revealed to journalists that she is in fact FIVE years older than her new husband Silver Ojieson but that age is nothing but a matter and the two are very much in love.

7. Wizkid

Nigerian singer Wizkid is one man who seems to prefer older women. He dated and had a baby with his ex-manager Jada Pollock who is SEVEN years older than he is. He has also been romantically linked to fellow Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage who is TEN years older than he is. He has also on numerous occasions been seen flirting with and hanging out with older women. It is no secret that Wizkid likes older women. Credit: Vocals

I drop pen here.

7 Nigerian Male Celebrities Who Dated And Married Older Women

Which among the 7 celebrities shocked you?

Let’s hear from you all.

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