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10 Yoruba Actors That Have Reacted To Baba Ijesha Rape Case – Who Is The Wisest & Who Is The Most Stupid?

10 Yoruba Actors That Have Reacted To Baba Ijesha Rape Case – Who Is The Wisest & Who Is The Most Stupid?

Sexual molestation especially when it involves a minor is a wrong act anywhere in the world.

When these wrong barbaric acts get done by a celebrity, of course you will get to see some apologists and those who outrightly condemn.

In Nigeria, we are used to getting many “mumu-mumu” reactions to issues of widespread importance and of course some wise reactions also fly around too.

Baba Ijesha‘s case of molesting a 14-year-old girl recently and when she was 7 years old is a complete shocking story of a celebrated personality throwing caution in the wind to act as a societal nuisance.

Some of Baba Ijesha’s colleagues in the Yoruba movie scene have reacted to the issue in different ways.

We’ve decided to bring to you, top 10 reactions from his celebrity colleagues in the movie industry.

Here Are 10 Yoruba Actors That Have Reacted To Baba Ijesha Rape Case:-

1. Toyosi Adesanya

Toyosi Adesanya expressed her dissatisfaction with the attitude of some Yoruba actors and raised the need for sanitization of the Yoruba movie industry.

Reacting to the Baba Ijesha ‘rape’ allegation Toyosi Adesanya made her mind known to her fellow actors and actresses to always speak up when issues like this are being discussed.

Speaking on the way forward so cases like that of Baba Ijesha won’t sprout up again, the actress with the help of Laide Bakare said all Yoruba Nollywood actors should come to their senses by tracing their steps back and engage necessary associations to avoid matters like this in the nearest future.

Do you think she’s wise with all she has said or just another ‘stupid’ talk for clout?

Watch Video Below:-

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2. Lege Miami

Lege Miami got involved after Tonto Dikeh came out to attack all Yoruba movie industry for been silent on the issue.

He called Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh a mad woman for ‘insulting’ Yoruba Movie Industry after she attacked Baba Ijesha accused of raping a minor

Lege Miami questioned if anyone had seen the CCTV footage and also queried how it could be possible for Baba Ijesha to have been molesting her since she was 7.

While lambasting Tonto, he accused her of using the opportunity to throw jabs at Yoruba actors.

Watch Video Below:-

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3. Ronke Oshodi Oke

While speaking on some other issues, actress Ronke Ojo weighed in on Baba Ijesha‘s matter.

She lambasted all those stylishly supporting Baba Ijesha on this matter. According to her, 48year-old-man trying to have a carnal knowledge of a 14-year-old girl doesn’t make any sense.

Baba Ijesha who is supposed to be a role model engaging in such act doesn’t make sense and the issue will never make sense to anyone who is a parent.

Watch Video Below:-

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4. Yomi Fabiyi

Popular Nollywood (Yoruba Actor), Yomi Fabiyi is one of the main headliners in the whole Baba Ijesha Rape & Molestation Scandal – Although the side he picks didn’t sit well with many Nigerians.

It would be recalled that when the police announced that Baba Ijesha was in their custody for allegedly sexually abusing a minor, Yomi Fabiyi was one of those who demanded to see the CCTV footage of the incident which the police said they had custody.

See Screenshot Below:-

He has been cyber-attacked, and threaten by many Nigerians on the Internet, even many of his Nollywood colleagues has also stood up against him.

Although, the actor has now taken to Instagram to condemn the actions of Baba Ijesha following the release of the footage.

5. Bolaji Amusan (Mr. Latin)

Reacting to the incident as TAMPAN association leader’s point of view, Bolaji Amusan, aka Mr Latin, condemned what Baba Ijesha has done.

He also noted that their association, TAMPAN is not in support of an actor molesting a minor.

According to him, no right-thinking human being will support child molestation or lobby for the release of a child molester in Police Custody.

He also reacted to the call by Nigerians to suspend Baba Ijesha from the association.

Mr. Latin made it known that Baba Ijesha does not belong to their association and if anyone in their association had done this, the person would have been suspended since the first day the case got to Police Station.

Watch Video Below:-

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6. Bukky Black

Actress Bukky Black is one of those people who trusted Baba Ijesha to the extent of coming out to say, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

According to her, she said, based on her knowledge of Baba Ijesha, the actor always behaves like impotent and she has not known him with a girlfriend.

She also went ahead to blast Iyabo Ojo for going as far as stopping all attempts to bail him from police custody.

Watch Video Below:-

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7. Ada Ameh

Ada Abem went straight to blast Bukky Black for her comments on the Baba Ijesha saga.

She called Bukky Black many abusive names like “Idiots“, “Shameless Woman” and so on in her own video for supporting Baba Ijesha and saying what Iyabo Ojo said was wrong.

Ada Abem also called out Yomi Fabiyi for saying things she described as “Rubbish” posted on social media.

Watch Video Below:-

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8. Femi Adebayo

Femi Adebayo Salami is one of the most sought-after male actors in the Yoruba movie industry.

About 3days ago, he put up a post on social media declaring his support for Princess, the actress who is the custodian of the child Baba Ijesha molested.

While reacting to the issue with hashtags #SayNoToChildAbuse#SayNoToRape, and #SayNoToMolestationFemi Adebayo urged parents and guardians not to trust anyone with their daughters.

9. Femi Branch

Actor Femi Branch in his own reaction said there is a curse on everyone that came out to support Baba Ijesha on what he did.

He made this video 3days ago even before the release of the CCTV footage and in the video he warned parents and guardians not to trust anybody with their children.

In his words, “Guide your children the way you guard your money“.

He also revealed that he was also abused as a male child by a woman who is closed to him.

Watch Video Below:-

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10. Iyabo Ojo

The Nollywood actress has been the most concerned celebrity to react to Baba Ijesha‘s rape saga before others started coming in.

She ventured her anger on her colleague’s act, Baba Ijesha which was openly an embarrassment for a top figure particularly tarnishing their image (Yoruba Nollywood).

Her reactions might be triggered as she’s once a victim of child molestation and fueled as she watched the CCTV footage before the public release.

However, she’s on the right side against child abuse and quantifying Baba Ijesha as a pedophile.

Tackling colleague Yomi Fabiyi over his comment on the issue and calling him all sorts of names is another level of her reactions.

Many presumed she’s doing too much or going too far as she’s obviously more concerned even more than the victim and her family or probable there is a pre-existing beef between her and Baba Ijesha

Do you also think she’s doing too much?

Watch Video Below:-

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The End!!

Among These Actors & Actresses Who Have Reacted To Baba Ijesha’s Scandal – Who Is The Wisest & Who Is The Most Stupid?

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