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Biography of Ziko-Marcel

Ziko-Marcel Ezechi is the son of Zubby maximus Ezechi..with a mother(Mary Cynthia)…He was born in August 5th 2022,He is 6 months of age now.His Father Zubby maximus is from Mbaise in Imo state, so Automatically Ziko-Marcel is also from Mbaise in Imo state too. Ziko-Marcel (state of Origin): Mbaise,Imo state Nigeria.
Ziko-Marcel is a very young and handsome baby boy that no one dream of messing out with, He has been the happiness of his father (Zubby maximus),He was named Ziko-Marcel from his father Zubby maximus because the abreviation of his fathers name is ZM(Zubby maximus) so his father named him after his own abreviation too which is ZM(Ziko-Marcel)

Ziko-Marcel Ezechi is a very teen celebrity coming up in time to come, His parents do spend thousands on him every week depending on the deal, His clothes are too expensive as a kid both his shoe, these has been a dream well done from his father to the mother of Ziko-Marcel,

Ziko-Marcel Ezechi has been taken to an expensive school for inquiring worth of 130k for registration as a kid of 6 months,

His father Zubby maximus has been longing and looking for a means for his son to be endorse as a teen ambassador of any brand , either BABY PAMPERS, BABY SOAP, BABY CREAM,BABY CLOTHES,BABY OIL OR BABY DAY OUT

*Net worth*

Ziko-Marcel Ezechi has a Nigeria bonafide Actor, his father Zubby maximus Ezechi is one of the Nigeria actor and has been feature in many movies in Nollywood movies which are CLASH OF PYTHON, BOND OF THIEVES, THE JUDAS, UMU JAGABAN VS SELINA TESTED and many more

And his father has obtain his self an award winning as one of the brilliant act of actor in a movie called “CLASH OF PYTHON” His name as a character in the movie is CLINTON, He was the main character in the movie,the Protagonist and He killed the role in the movie.

His father’s net worth is not negotiating and you can check it out on the biography of his father.

Ziko-Marcel Ezechi has a net worth as a teen for now untill further notice

Ziko-Marcel Ezechi’s Net worth is $1,000.

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